Creed Heritage Collection St. Anne Medal

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Zinc Alloy with Silver Oxidized Finish
7/8" H, 18" L Chain
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St. Anne was the wife of St. Joachim. They were both from the Royal House of David and had lived there lives in prayer and in good works. After 20 years of marriage, they were childless. An angel appeared to St. Anne and St. Joachim one day after all their prayers and beseeches to God for a child; the angel told them of God's plan for them which was that they would have a child that they would name Mary, who would be the Mother of the Son of God. St. Anne promised the angel that she would dedicate her child, Mary, to God and would teach her about him. She lived her life in God's faith and humbly adored the Divine Will of God, she prayed until God called her to unending rest in his heavenly home.

We honor St. Anne because she is the Mother of Mary, she nurtured, taught, brought up Mary in this world to be a worthy Mother of God's Son, Jesus Christ. St. Anne can be an example and role model for all parents even children to show how we should be brought up in God's faith and how we should help bring up others in God's faith.

In the small charming city of Loreto, many Catholic medals of distinction are handcrafted using an ancient Roman custom of forming metal and hand finishing it in the Loreto custom of silver oxidization. We invite you to experience these rich, hand-crafted metal treasures from Creed® with rhodium-plated chains, beautifully gift boxed.