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Keys, A 90 Day Journey to Personal Freedom

Keys, A 90 Day Journey to Personal Freedom by Laurie Boehler Walsh "Keys" was written to open subsequent passageways to the reader which lead to personal freedom. "Freedom from what?"some may ask. For those who feel trapped, stuck or just plain miserable, no explanation is needed. But in short, navigating the twists and turns of life, especially in early adulthood, can be very difficult. So difficult in fact, that it can leave one in very deep emotional pain. At any age, there are times when we will feel confused and disturbed by the hardships we face in life. We may even find ourselves relying on alcohol, pills, food or even relationships to find the relief we need. "Numbing out" on people, places, things or substances is not uncommon. But for most of us, we find that these "solutions" eventually come up short or create more problems than they seemed to solve. If you find any of this resonating with you, then you have earned your right to employ these "keys." The "Keys" offered on this 90 day journey are best used, one per day. In this way, each key will open new insights that can be fully savored and better assimilated. Each Key consists of 4 simple yet important elements; (the 4 T's): 1. a time-tested Truth 2. a Testimony 3) a Test (questions for you to ponder for your own life) and 4.a Testament passage (scripture, old and new.) Lastly, this book leads one to seek for the special "breadcrumbs" left out to lead all of us along our personal paths to freedom. Referred to as "Godshots" these seeming "coincidences" are helpful reminders that we are never alone; that loving guidance is right there for us if just ask for it. Used as suggested, the KEYS are designed to unlock new insights and release the reader from the confines of confusion, discouragement and even despair.

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