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Amethyst Saint Peregrine Italian Rosary

St. Peregrine was an Italian man who after a profound spiritual experience decided to give his life to the Lord and later become a priest. He founded a Servite house in Forli, Italy where he was famous for his preaching and his dedication to the sick and suffering. Believers knew him as the Angel of Good Counsel because he so freely shared his wisdom and advice to all who asked. Wherever he went, Peregrine chose to stand over sitting, as a self sacrifice. Over time, Peregrine developed varicose veins and eventually cancer in his left leg. Doctors eventually decided it was best for him to have his leg amputated. The day before the operation was set, Peregrine spent time in deep prayer in front of a fresco of the Crucifixion. It is said that he fell into a deep trance like sleep in which it appeared that Jesus had reached down from the cross and touched his leg. When the doctor arrived the next morning, he could find no sign of the cancer and immediately began to spread the good news of this miraculous cure. After his death, several sick were healed through his intercession. Canonized by Pope Benedict, Peregrine is regarded today as the patron saint of cancer. Our St Peregrine rosaries are designed with his inspirational story in mind and for you or your loved ones who may be suffering from the sorrows of cancer. Each color is a symbolic reminder to place our trust in the Lord even through trial and pain and to allow his healing power to change our lives

Material: 7MM Amethyst Bead
Size: 2" Crucifix

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