First Holy Communion Holy Mass Standing Crucifix - White

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Gold Finish Cross/Epoxy Inlay/Antique Pewter Finish Corpus
5-1/4" H
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Jesus comes to us in the Holy Eucharist because he is our friend and he wants to be with us (John 15:15)

The wonderful thing about First Communion is how delicate Jesus is to us, he knows our need to love and be loved.

There can be no better representation of First Communion than this Holy Mass Crucifix, and once it is blessed by a Priest and Apostolic Blessing from the Holy Father will be imparted to the crucifix to help and guide those who gift and receive it with the Grace of God in their lives.

This 6 inch Holy Mass Crucifix features

a cross with a white enamel inlay, gold metal outlining and "First Holy Communion" wording on the bottom, an antique pewter finish corpus and a medal of St. Benedict on the back.