Lectionary - Weekday Masses Chapel Edition Volume 4 - Ritual, Various Needs and Special Occasion Masses

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Lectionary for Weekday Masses Chapel Edition Volume 4 contains the complete Common of Saints, Ritual Masses, Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, Votive Masses, and Masses for the Dead for liturgical use in the Catholic Church. The Chapel Edition is a popular choice among Lectionary users with its convenient size and full list of features to fit a variety of needs. Mandatory use began May 19, 2002 (Pentecost).

Special features of this edition:

  • New American Bible translation
  • Single-column format throughout with additional space between lines for enhanced legibility
  • Readings arranged to avoid page turns
  • All readings set in sense lines
  • Fine, buff-colored paper
  • Two-color printing to separate rubrics from text
  • Cheltenham bold, 11 pt. type
  • Material: Hardcover
    Size: 7 x 9" H, 1328 pgs

    Pieces/Pkg: 1

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