Self-Lite Charcoal Briquettes

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1-3/4" Dia
The Self-Lite charcoal briquette is easy to light, convenient and extremely easy to use. The briquette immediately ignites when touched by flame, and can even be ignited with a safety match striking surface. Once lit, the charcoal briquette will stay lit for 30 to 45 minutes even in the wind. The briquette glows orange when ignited, making it easy to tell when it is burning. Self-Lite charcoal's unique 'star-saucer' design enables even distribution of incense over the briquette, ensuring a smooth and consistent burn. Each briquette can hold three spoonfuls of incense, as required by the Catholic Church's liturgical rubrics. These quick-lighting, slow-burning charcoal briquettes are perfect for churches that need reliable, easy-to-use charcoal.

This box contains 100 Self-Lite charcoal briquettes. Please use safety tongs when handling this product (not included).