Father Don Wooden Stand with Chasubles Set

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14-1/2" H
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A priest wears vestments when he offers the Holy Mass, when he administers Sacraments and at other special times of prayer. The priest's vestments are like a uniform that indicate he is on duty. In the Church, we mark the changing of the seasons with different colors to help us remember and celebrate Christ's saving work

  • A chasuble is a long outer robe that goes over the priest's head. The priest wears the chasuble when he celebrates Holy Mass. He wears a different color chasuble for each liturgical season
  • The priest wears a long band of cloth, called a stole, underneath the chasuble as a sign of his office. It is usually the same color as the chasuble
  • Set includes Green, Purple, Red and White mini chasubles with matching stoles and a card explaining what each color means
  • A great tool for teaching kids the meaning of the chasuble