Order of Penance - Ritual Edition

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7-1/4 x 10-1/4 " H, 208 pgs
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The Order of Penance - Ritual Edition is the Second Typical Edition of The Order of Penance has been approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and confirmed by the Apostolic See. 

This Clothbound Ritual Edition includes following enhanced features: 

  • Large, bold, legible type for Priest’s, Deacon’s, and minister’s text 
  • Familiar, proven layout that respects functional page-turns
  • Illustrations in two colors that enhance the sacredness and dignity of the text
  • Specially produced acid-neutral cream paper from established, quality mills that ensures a high level of opacity and consistency of the highest degree
  • Doubly-reinforced Smyth sewing, coupled with heavy-duty binder’s board that ensure strength, durability, and longevity
  • Two satin ribbon page markers that are designed not to fray and are enhanced by the patented insert system