Communion Blessing Cup

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The practice of using a blessing cup is part of an old Jewish custom which has been incorporated into our modern day celebration of the Eucharist. Used as a family symbol, the blessing cup can become a sign of togetherness. After reflecting on a brief passage from Scripture and offering the family's or group's joys, sorrows and needs to the Lord in prayers of petition, young and old alike drink from the blessing cup - an action richly expressive of praise, celebration and unity. Opportunities for celebrating with a blessing cup are varied and can include birthdays, anniversaries, life milestones and Sacramental celebrations.

Individually boxed.

Material: Ceramic
Size: 6" H, 6 oz
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First Gifts-Communion Blessing Cup
Aug 14, 2018
Our family did not drink from the cup but after the first Communion of my great grandson, he carried the cup from guest to guest. I had chosen a few bible blessings, typed and cut them for those attending the after celebration, put the blessings in the cup, and each person attending pulled a blessing from the cup, put their hand on my great-grandson's head and read the blessing. It was a very moving time of blessing that I will never forget.
Mary Ellen Rawlinitis